How about  supporting service of your website. Same times website must be updated with software and browsers.The question is that even if you want take over updating and monitoring of your own website, time maybe is key for you that you, simply do not have enough time to update your site. Let us take over the responsibility for the monthly service operation and monitoring of your website. We have a favorable deal for web updates, you save both time and money. We follow up your website monthly and update software and browsers exactly as should be. Our service agreement price 390 kr a month or 4680 kr a year. We recommended all our customers to sign service agreement with us. Of course it’s up to you, you must not have service agreement with us. Your website will work exactly as should be, either with or without our support. It’s absolutely important that your website runs smoothly. If you are interested having service agreement with us. For non-binding request please fill in the form and send.